Friday, May 24, 2013

JAM is just days away.

JAM is where the Jenzabar community comes together to solve issues, develop powerful new ideas, and plan for the future.  We are excited to learn new strategies and connect with colleagues. 

This year, Sharon Mankiewicz and Barbara Winchell are hosting a session on the Financial Aid module: "Diving into Data".   Donna Adams is presenting two sessions titled "Do you RBU" and "Graduation". Dave MacLean is presenting an intermediate/advanced session about building dashboards for reporting.  Sharon, Donna and Dave present interesting topics at JAM just about every year. 

We have already mapped out the sessions we each will attend that address best practices and ideas for all of the  Jenzabar modules we use at MSMC. We are trying to cover as many sessions and topics as possible.

We will keep you posted as we find interesting information, tools, and solutions during our conference.