Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Recap

We need these at MSMC:

Look out Vanna White

On another note, Donna Adams gave back to back presentations to a packed rooms.  One session was about automating the graduation process with online application forms. The other was about creating rules for non-course pre-reqs.  Dave MacLean hosted a successful advanced session on creating dashboards. Dave and Donna actually have groupies - they are Jenzabar rock stars - really!

        Interesting quotes heard in the halls...
                "It was real crab cake because it had a shell in it."
                "A Jerry Garcia tie?"
                "You have a s@&!-load of space in your head"
                 "I don't know about you, but I am done for the day"
                 "My ideas are perfect until I share them with someone."
                 "I really wasn't looking for you"

       And my favorite:
                 " I need a drink and the potty.  Tell her to blog about that!"

A few new things we found out about

The iTap app was recommended to me from a Jenzabar guy. According to him, it is the best app that allows access your office or home desktop/laptop from an iPad.  He is on the road three week every month, and says iTap is best.  

Lake Forest College showcased an online approval process for new course proposals. Their method will work for any type of document that needs a series of approvals. Sharon and Donna are all over it.  You'll hear about it when they get back. 

Jenzabar Social will be announced in June. (Subscription price not announced.) Basically, it connects Facebook and Jenzabar. It offers secure   Facebook pages that can be customized to a target audience (accepted student, deposit paid, alumni, student just looking, etc.)

Is today Thursday? Where should I be?

The Registrar from a college in Virginia recognized Donna from a past convention and joined us for breakfast. 

Astra staff are looking forward to coming to MSMC in June to train is on the new Astra. 

The NY rep wanted to give us a sales pitch on a document management system. He said he speaks to Brian Moore at least once a year.