Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Recap

We need these at MSMC:

Look out Vanna White

On another note, Donna Adams gave back to back presentations to a packed rooms.  One session was about automating the graduation process with online application forms. The other was about creating rules for non-course pre-reqs.  Dave MacLean hosted a successful advanced session on creating dashboards. Dave and Donna actually have groupies - they are Jenzabar rock stars - really!

        Interesting quotes heard in the halls...
                "It was real crab cake because it had a shell in it."
                "A Jerry Garcia tie?"
                "You have a s@&!-load of space in your head"
                 "I don't know about you, but I am done for the day"
                 "My ideas are perfect until I share them with someone."
                 "I really wasn't looking for you"

       And my favorite:
                 " I need a drink and the potty.  Tell her to blog about that!"

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