Monday, June 3, 2013

Finally Friday

Interesting info from sessions we attended:

  • In a future Jenzabar release, they are adding text messaging as one of the options that can be sent from the Notepad. (Currently, we can create letters, emails, and labels from Notepad.)
  • Infomaker has a Tree-view option that generates a report that you can drill-down and see the detail if you want. I am going to play with this when I get back to the office and hold a training session on it

Sharon and Barbara hosted a session about managing and controlling data across campus offices. They had a lively, successful session with many attendees relating to the material. They made a lot of connections to other colleges, many who said they wanted to contact them in the future or visit our campus.

BTW: they could not connect at the start of the session. They had to call in the IT guy. "Oh nooooo, what did you do? This is really bad."

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