Monday, June 3, 2013

Wrap up - things I forgot to share with you

  • So, lets get it out right up front - there are some pictures and stories you will never see or hear about.  Period.

  • Blogging can be done on a mobile device. You do not have to lug your laptop with you when traveling. I used my iPhone during the day to capture photos, videos, quotes and ideas. I felt the iPhone was an easy and unobtrusive way to take pictures and video. Using the free Blogger app, I could quickly upload a picture and text to create a post. To add a video to the blog, I had to use the Blogsy app for iPads. Blogsy was highly recommended by many app reviewers ($4.99). So, in the evening, I would take out the iPad to create the posts that included a video. (I did not want to carry the iPad around during the day.)

  • If quickly realized I needed to find the balance between gathering information and actually being present at the conference. I could have spent a lot more time editing the pictures and the video - I decided to not edit them. Also, there were a few times when I was so absorbed in my phone posting a comment, that it was dangerous. At one point, someone grabbed my arm and jerked me out of the way of a huge pillar I was about to smack into. Another time I stumbled onto a down escalator without realizing it. I was just following the crowd as I was checking a video I just took. Thanks to my friends who were chaperoning me, I came home in one piece.

  • I could not believe all the Jenzabar groupies. I was in the mist of 1600 people, who all LOVED Jenzabar and looked forward to the convention every year. Many people went out of their way to introduce themselves and find out about where I was from. When I would say "Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh, NY", almost everyone would come back with... "oh, yeah, I know Dave MacLean, Sharon Mankiewicz, or Donna Adams". MSMC is well know and respected at JAM by many Jenzabar executives and a slew of college. I was proud to be part of the MSMC Group at JAM 2013.

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